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Barista Training 

Welcome to our Barista training program! We are excited to have you join our team as a barista student and embark on this journey of creating and serving delicious coffee to your valued customers. This training will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a skilled barista.

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We were the first company to launch a dedicated Barista College in Donegal and we have trained hundreds of new baristas since we started in 2016.

1. Introduction to Coffee:

- Understanding the history of coffee and its significance in different cultures.

- Exploring various coffee beans and their characteristics (Arabica, Robusta, etc.).

- Differentiating between single-origin and blended coffees.

2. Product Knowledge:

- Familiarize yourself with the different types of coffee beverages we offer, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc.

- Understanding the ingredients used in each drink and their ratios.

- Practicing the art of creating latte art for enhanced customer experience.

Coffee Machine

3. Equipment and Machinery:

- Introduction to the espresso machine, grinder, and other coffee-making equipment.

- Learning how to operate and maintain the machines.

- Understanding the importance of cleanliness and hygiene when handling equipment.


4. Espresso Extraction:

- Deep diving into the science behind extracting the perfect espresso shot.

- Mastering the grind size and tamping techniques.

- Adjusting variables such as extraction time and pressure to achieve desired flavors.

5. Milk Steaming and Texturing:

- Learning the proper steaming techniques for different types of milk (whole milk, skim milk, alternative milks).

- Achieving the desired texture for various beverages.

- Perfecting the art of creating microfoam for latte art.


6. Brewing Methods:

- Exploring alternative brewing methods such as pour-over, French press, AeroPress, etc.

- Understanding their unique characteristics and flavor profiles.

- Practicing the correct measurements and techniques for each brewing method.

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Keep in Touch 

Contact us or keep an eye on our socials for upcoming a Barista professional training or Home Barista  courses 

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