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Coffee Shop


We can supply a wide range of products from Syrups, alternative milk chocolate, and barista tools to cleaning products to keep your machines running efficiently.

Coffee Cups

We supply a wide range of cafe sundries from our range of Hatter hot chocolate, Hatter Chai tea, and Hatter Decaf and a range of barista milks from Alpro and Superoat plus a range Da Vinci Syrups, We are your non-stop supplier for all coffee-related products 


"Campbell's Perfect Tea" is a black tea born in Dublin, with its trademark yellow can since its founding.

 This tea brand was created in 1797 as the signature product of The J&G Campbell's in Dublin.

The Da Vinci range of syrups and flavorings essential for your barista creations The ultimate  syrup. Specifically designed for hot drinks, this syrup deliciously complements a variety of beverages, including flavoured coffee and tea

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Although most people know the Hatter name for their award-winning coffee, we are also known for our delicious Hot Chocolate with its velvety creamy texture, we also produce a beautiful Chai tea that is warm and inviting. and a delicious  Decaf coffee to compliment the range 

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